Make a customer, not a sale. ~ Katherine Barchetti


At Annapolis Auto Centre, we render tailor-made technology services that conform to both the international standard and the desire to be served.

We have well trained staff at your service to ensure that all your questions are answered to best of our knowledge and to ensure you are pampered.

To further make you feel at home, we have an exclusive bar for your pleasure while your vehicle is undergoing some repairs, maintenance or routine checks.

With us, you also have a controlled view of your vehicle while under repairs with us.


  • Perfect in Oil Changing
  • Express service while you wait
  • First class experience
  • VIP lounge with free refreshment
  • On-time Delivery
  • Free WiFi Access
  • Priority access to our workshop

Our Featured Services

Car Customization

We are professionals when it comes to car customization of various brands and models. ranging from Toyota, Honda, Mercedes Benz, BMW, etc.

Engine Oil Servce

We give the best engine oil service in town for a wide variety of vehicle brands.

Break Disc

We provide service for any kind of break disc issue, which any car is experiencing and giving you guidelines on how to efficiently manage the new one.

Routine Check

We provide a general routine check for vehicles of different brands eg: Mercedes- Benz, Toyota, Honda, Land Rover etc. Using the latest equipment and technology existing in the automotive market.

Air Condition A/C

Air Condition is known to be vital for most new generation vehicles in tropical regions like Africa. Annapolis Auto Centre gives your car a fresh of A/C servicing and maintenance using the precise equipment that best fit the car.


We have professional mechanical engineers and technician at our workshop, who can easily unravel any car situation and provide a better solution to it with immediate effect.

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